Hip Hop: Greatest Therapy In The World!

“I mean after all the things that we’ve been through/ I mean after all the things we got into/ Hey yo I know of  some things you ain’t told me/ Hey yo I did some things but that’s the old me” – Kanye West

I may be a big Kanye West fan from back when he did the beats on the classic record that is Jay Z’s “Blueprint” but I am not a big fan of  808’s & Earaches Heartbreaks or at least I wasn’t until yesterday.

I first picked up this record because one of my friends told me that as much as Kanye wasn’t rapping on it and the fact that he sounds completely assinine doing the whole vocoder bit like T-Pain doesn’t meen it’s a horrible record if you check the lyrics. My friend was of the school of thought that this record was brutally honest when it comes to heartbreaks.

Now it just so happened that me and my babe broke up in Decemeber bu the reality of this break up didn’t really sink in until yesterday when she decided to cut off all ties with dear old Bella. As much as the break up was a result of both of us messing with someone else on the side I always felt it was more my fault as I am an incorrigible flirt.

I was feeling down and so I decided to do what I do when I’m feeling down, breakout a big bottle of brandy and get wasted. Then I rememebered my friend’s recommendation and put in 808’s and Heartbreaks and by God in no time I was feeling better I was relating to Kanye’s lyrics on most of the songs on that record.

I didn’t even need the alkahol! As much as sonically, 808’s and Earaches Heartbreaks may be horrible. Everybody goes through this and Kanye just made a record that will help heal a lot of wounds. To Babe, if you read this, I wish you only the best because you deserve it.

If you read this blog religiously thanks and bear in mind that every year I write one gay post and this may be the gayest since the KD* post and don’t expect another one. Since we’re all straight here check out these pics. I love bald headed women.



9 Responses to “Hip Hop: Greatest Therapy In The World!”

  1. word word the 808’s is timam release therapy we need that ish all the time.

  2. wb I wish I had hearbreaks, as weird as that sounds. I have never been in a relationship, the only heartbreak I ever had was not relationship related. So be happy you got heartbreaks some of us suffer heartaches coz we’ve never gotten heartbreaks.

  3. Hahahahaha!!!! “Incorrigible”…. Big words for an alcoholic… I’m just sayinmg… Fuck a Kanye, for a breakup, you should listen to mad militant music. Put on some Immortal Tech. For real. You’ll hate women for awhile though… 😥

  4. Oooh before i forget, this post is gayer than that booty warrior bullshit!!!! And if you haven’t seen it, —> BOOTY WARRIOR

  5. bellasbiz Says:

    hahahahahaha! nothing is gayer than that shit!

  6. Bella goes gay hehehe i hate the 808 album nothing can change that,…. bella jus got mashy drink a napps and get over it

  7. Btw, i just copted the KanGAY West, lemme sample it… I shall be back…

  8. bellasbiz Says:

    did no one check out the bald headed hottie under the hood?

  9. i did whoooooot!

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