The Recession: Great Depression Part 2?

“Niggaz talkin bout the recession/ shit is depressin” – Jay Z

I am not one to talk much about the economy because a) I never really give a shit and b) I am a total idiot when it comes to this, sure I may have got a passing grade on Micro & Macro Economics in school but everyone knows all that knowledge has been eroded by the vast amounts of alkahol that I consume 4 years after the fact.

I am however forced to weigh in my two cents because the recession has finally caught up with me. THE PRICES FOR SPIRITS HAS RISEN TREMENDOUSLY! I went to my local pub on Sober Sunday only to be shocked that the price of Napoleon had gone up by a whole 50 bob! It didn’t bother me much coz I just figured to order a beer and then import the precious liquid from the supermarket only to find out that the price had risen by 2 bob there as well.

Later on, as I made my way home I stopped by an off licence to get a take away bottle of liquor to put me to sleep and the shawty who’s a friend of mine warned me that she was about to hike her price by 50 shillings the next day. I therefore started thinking that it might be a neighbourhood thing, how I wish.

Last night I arranged to meet with Lola so that she may have her first taste of Napoleon. Lola is one of those uppity ass yet down to earth type chicks that I meet and wonder how they have managed to exist drinking all that expensive shit. You all know I stay broke as a mofo so I can’t be at Crooked Q on a loose Wednesday or Thursday participating in some random drinkfest like Lola.

I therefore told Lola that we should meet at this great off licence just down the road from where she works. This place is great, it looks like a garage and all the hawkers from the vicinity come to drown there disappointment while hurling insults at the TV during the news. Now I got there before Lola as I always do, and as I ordered the Napoleon and handed the Dubya my 100 shillings, he declined and asked for 50 more!

That’s when we started arguing with the rest of the hawkers on how the bar guys are eating too much! One guy actually said he bought a Furaha drink for 65 bob at 10am and when he came back for an afternoon pick me up of Furaha it was 80 bob! Dubya, the bar guy, just told us that the suppliers had hiked their prices and so did he for his mark up.

I just accepted the blow that the economy had dealt on my leisure and proceeded to drown my faliure with the Napps as I awaited Lola’s arrival. As soon as Lola came through we drank 2 Napoleons together which was all the budget could take (Sidebar: I am yet to factor in whether her drinking a soda messed the budget of three).

The upside to Lola’s presence was that this Fat Cat that was sipping at the off  licence was caught by her beauty and added another Napoleon and mixers and so Lola and I managed to get tipsy as planned. Bonus!

Fuck a recession! Fuck a George Bush!



9 Responses to “The Recession: Great Depression Part 2?”

  1. heheehhehe george bush just ducked a shoe

  2. uppity, huh? lol!
    them fatcats were funny

  3. ^^^Remember one was “the driver”

  4. Black widow Says:

    Wtf! Ati now napps goes for 2soc at al’s? Fuck that shit! On the best side, lola should be my sipping pal too so that i get free sips. That’s cool.!

  5. recession is killing us mad… everything has hit sky high in the backstreets too were i cop my ish.. everything has gone up by 50 on average! damn!

  6. Well nigga let me giv u some vital info:Naps is used as a pesticide in some countries and its da recession dats cozing customs guyz to let it into our borders as liqour.ha!LOL

  7. lol black widow…anytime!! you’ll have most of it…my ‘uppity ass’ tummy cant take the heat!!

  8. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- Says:

    Ati hawkers hull insults at tv! hehehehe. It surely biting. The other day had a lass at home wanted to impress with some rum but ended up settling for KK

  9. Recession or Depression Im never touching Naps again unless its the only drink in a 5kmradius.Brings back bad memories(I was/is a lightweight and that botti introduced me to drinking)

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