Despite the Puke, She was a good look!

“You’re all that I need I’ll be there for you/ If you keep it real with me I keep it real with you” – Method Man


Today I got in to work early and sat in front of the computer to clear up those emails that come in the dead of the night and make you feel like you’re not working at all when you left the gotdamn office at 7pm. As I was replying, forwarding and deleting I came across an email from one of my ex-girlfriends and she was asking for her stuff back. Now, I haven’t been in touch with this girl for a good 3 or 4 months but a lot of her stuff stays lying around the crib such that I even started considering them mine!


That’s however not what I wanted to write about because there’s nothing remotely funny about being reminded that a part of your life is over considering how much I liked this girl. However, what is funny is what lengths I am willing to go to if I like a girl. I mean really like a girl. One incident particularly comes to mind. There was this one time my homegirl invited me to a house party and it was the best kind, BYOB! BYOB parties always result in foolishness due to the obscene amount and variety of alkahol that is brought in by various individuals.


I decided to come through with my girl then, let’s call her Cherry. As soon as I checked into the spot mofos were eyeing her and getting all green with envy that your boy had a dime piece on his arm. I proceeded to mix drinks which was my specialty and people started to get shit faced. Cherry at first was being real cautious as to what she allowed to go down her gullet but as the hours elapsed and she got in the mood she started guzzling everything that was handed to her.


I didn’t bother to slow her down because I was willing to take care of her no matter what happened. Little did I know what I was getting myself into, Cherry got so drunk she started lap dancing on various of  my pals who were loving it especially coz they’re a bunch of horny buggers the DJ was playing trance and the room was lit up in neon it gave the best atmosphere. After the stripper session she went on to kiss a few of the girls at the party then out of the blues she just sat down and blacked out.


I got my man to bring the car around as it was my luggage and I liked her so I was going to take care of her even if it meant leaving the party early. I carried Cherry to the box and laid her out on the bed when it happened. She threw up all over the sheets man! There was her dinner, lunch, breakfast and even some dinner from the night before! It was a lot of vomit I tell you. I didn’t panic; I just cleaned her up and cleaned the vomit too. I let her sleep on the not so wet side of the mattress as I lay there on the semi wet side sipping a newly cracked open bottle of Napps.


The next morning we woke up and I didn’t remind her of the puke. I did crack open another bottle of liquor for her to get over her hangover and just messed her up even more. She got so wasted that by the time it was lunchtime she was more the walking dead. Then to make matters worse my mom had invited me for lunch so she passed out again at my mom’s crib where she also puked and I cleaned it up. I still really liked her though.

Therefore ladies (the few of you that read this blog), if a man cleans your vomit not once, but twice within 24 hours, that’s a man who loves you!







19 Responses to “Despite the Puke, She was a good look!”

  1. Can’t say that has ever happened…no one ever cleaned up my puke! sniff sniff

  2. ^^^you know i would….witcha bad self!

  3. people just stake over it lol

  4. very intrestin i cant c u clnin up puke u must hve really loved the chich…smeone once did for me and we r still

  5. Bleeding Maiden Says:

    Love at first puke!!!

    Like Lola never happened to me but a man who would stand that truely is into you!! Last time I was drank I cried; he let me drain it all on his shirt, this comes nothing close to ^^^

  6. They yell skate lola!!!! LOl!! @bella, kuna vile i might love a girl but only way i’m cleaning that shit is if i had paid for that food she just threw up! WTF? I ain’t touching some shit from your mouth. You never know what else she might have ingested…lol…i’m just sayin’.

  7. I see she left a “mark” in your heart! lol!

  8. I see she left a “mark” in your heart! lol!

  9. jabberwockies Says:

    hello person who randomly commented on my blog…
    do i know you?


  10. lol! people skate over your puke! i just remembered, my won’t i write a post on you baby girl!!!!

  11. awrite ive assisted a woman to puke just coz she looked like she was gonna die if i didnt!.. so u cleaned up this gals puke twice in less that 24 hours n she still left… damn!
    NB: bro i quit that fb bitch.. lemme try n get paid… now…!

  12. ^^^get focussed mayne! computer geeks getting paid in the 09 huh?

  13. jeah n planin to clean some gals puke too if that will make her know what it is.. am just saying…

  14. Thats deep, Pukey Love!! Thats gotta be better than putting a ring on her finger if you did!!!

  15. @thinaddict…at times it is what it is…

  16. Bleeding maiden Says:

    @ yule msee…..funny would only clean if I bought the meal!! That is just wrong!! What you think the part of what is coming out is another man’s job?

  17. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- Says:

    reminds me of a day i puked in a glass filled it to the brim with nothin pouring over. mornin kam n the glass looks likes a soil profile experiment

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