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James Bond Is Useless…well not completely…

Posted in Alkahol, Misadventures, Random Access on November 28, 2008 by Saliva Vic

Top down, wheels spinnin’” – that fruit from The Clipse


I haven’t posted in a while. Some people that know me personally actually asked me whether I still remembered that the blog existed. The truth is that I have been suffering from very serious blogger’s block. I tried on quite a number of occasions to write something but stayed wallowing in pools of fail. After I suffered another loss this week at work I think I just decided to go for it with nothing to lose. I decided to just let my fingers make love to my keyboard as those of you who have read this since last year know, blogging is my budget therapy.


Yesterday I went to watch this new Bond movie and I must add that I haven’t been a Bond fan since Sean Connery. I therefore had really low expectations when I walked into the movie hall to check out the latest offering, Quantum of Solace which someone very dear to my heart had referred to as Quantum of Urine. I was to see why as the movie progressed. This movie went beyond shit, it was indeed urine! I saw that one of the writers was Paul Haggis the award winning writer of Crash, a movie that I loved by the way, and the best story he came up with was this?


At that moment as I sat there sipping my snuck in Napoleon watching in utmost disgust at the amount of failure this movie is I realized though I have blogger’s block, if I was to write again and I was afraid that it wouldn’t be any good, nothing can be as bad as Quantum of Solace or Dennis Craig’s portrayal of Agent 007. The man makes James Bond look like a street urchin! I bet the 6 other people at the cinema hall were as disappointed as I was but just weren’t drunk enough to be as vocal as I was about it.


I have no voice today due to all the shit talking that I did to the screen last night so now I want to look for an white woman with a flat booty and lots of money to buy me liquor and listen to my problems. At least I can thank Bond for one thing, he got me writing again.