A Sober Thought On Thirsty Thursday!

“Paralysed on the bathroom floor by pain/ last month I endured but now I can’t ignore/ Feels like railroad spikes are stuck in my liver/ Am I dying, eyes crying, body starts to shiver/” – Poetic of Grave Diggaz (R.I.P)

I was going through my old cd’s yesterday when I came across a dope record by Last Emperor that had this song with Poetic which is rumoured to be the last verse that he did before he died from metastatic colon cancer. The song touched me as it lets you know that we only get one life and at the same time he lets you feel what a painful death would be like.

It got me thinking of the way that as much as I love drinking the risk of a painful death is imminent. As I sat there sipping and thinking of life I decided to get on the internets and that’s when I stumbled upon the pics that are posted below. Can you imagine that this cute boy morphed into a gremlin over a course of 10 years due to getting sipped on Syrup and having a regular diet that consists of drug and alkahol?

We laugh about it everyday on this blog but today I just thought I’d drop the humor and take time to realise that one day we’ll be like him if we don’t watch out. With that I hope you will have a great night at the bar today because its Thirsty Thursday!!!



6 Responses to “A Sober Thought On Thirsty Thursday!”

  1. Niggaz never learn until they die!! tsk!!!! tsk!!!

  2. OMG how ol was weezy there?/ like 9 damn he looks young.. who ever new that cutie was ever going to grow up to be a gremlin?

  3. you been on Weezy’s dick like a muther……….stop riding him and get off!!!

  4. @KD* I wasn’t pole jocking i just needed an example we can relate to….its not my fault you discovered lil wayne last year when he sucked balls…i was checking for the block is hot when you were prolly in kindergaten….

    @Nana…he was 15 and had just gotten signed to cash money….


  5. Nucca aint i the one that took ur lil weezy quiz and almost Aced it! Kindergarten u gat jokes….regardless Wezzy is up there let him be hommy!

  6. dude, u clearly has something not good for wayne..and true dat, some people never learn till they drop dead ha ha ha…and that pic is the dope…meeeeeeen!

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