“Hillary Clinton hated on you so that bitch is irrelevant” – Ludacris

I was cruising the internets on company time like I always do and before you start judging me I know you are doing the same as you read this blog post. I really enjoy the internets because it’s like reading all the newspapers in the world at the same time. Now what I stumbled upon was a video blog by this cat called Ill Doctrine over at XXL where he was talking about the Obama – Ludacris issue. Now I don’t usually weigh in on politics but I decided to speak on this as I saw it as a hip hop issue and not a political issue.

Those of you who are not Lil Wayne’s avid fans and therefore are able to read may have caught an interview that Barrack Obama did with Rolling Stone magazine where he discussed what he listens to in his iPod and he mentioned Ludacris among a slew of other artists. Obama has also personally met with Luda to discuss policy issues pertaining to the youth. Due to this, Ludacris who must obviously be a Lil Wayne fan, even though he graduated Summa Cum Laude, made up his mind that he must be Obama’s favorite rapper. This is despite the fact that in the Rolling Stone interview Obama hinted that Jay Z was his favorite rapper. Sidebar: Lil Wayne fans don’t read because Luda would have read this.

Seeing as he is Obama’s favorite rapper in his mind Luda did a song called Politics where he shows love to Obama in a Thugnificent kind of way. Let me make it simpler for you my dear reader, he wrote and recorded a rap record. A rap record that shows love will diss the opponents of anyone who does not show love to the person being given props using all the derogatory terms the said ignorant rapper can spit. Rather than go deep on issues like a hip hop record (think Nas – Black President) it is random humorous name calling.

The rap record is never to be taken seriously especially if the artist’s name is Ludacris but that’s the opposite with White America, they take Luda’s new record as gospel of what Obama represents. Now they are up in arms talking about the evil non American person that he is. Shit, even DJ Drama who did this joint must have not thought too much of it as he let Luda spit it over Young Buck’s Get Buck! Rappers and rap lyrics are not to be taken seriously as these people are dudes that just want money and fame. Hip Hop has been tainted by rap and Emcees by rappers. Real hip hop is out there that tackles relevant issues but due to the man wanting to keep it suppressed it stays in the underground.

Stop taking rappers seriously and give real emcees the seriousness that they deserve! If we don’t, eventually rap will kill hip hop.



4 Responses to “HIP HOP vs RAP”

  1. you be my favorite blogger and you tackled this isssue that has been doing rounds in my mind.some weeks ago, mwaf of Ghetto Radio tabled it prior to the coming of Craig G. Rappers disrespect women, are braggards good for nothing nutters that are innit for more money and fame.thanks for demistifying this and wish you would go a little deeper.

  2. Nigga please!
    1. Clinton’s peps are lesbians so they’ll bitch about everything.
    2. White America is mad and looking for an excuse to go after Obama, since Democracy has let a Black Man, be their only defence against Bush’s 3rd Term.
    3. Luda isn’t that bad. Note: I’m basing that on Back For The First Time only!

  3. Btw dude, have you finally gotten the Boondocks – BET episode? Rev. Rollo Goodlove looks and sounds alot like Al Sharpton… And in response to your comment on Thugnificent, well, it’s been overdue but i have to say it. ALL RAPPERS ARE GAY! That shit about feeling all hardknock is just fruity, plus niggas trying to make going to prison cool. Well, i don’t want to get anally rapped. So i think ill just stick to my very straight R&B… Real talk

  4. Theres a big difference between a rapper and an emcee, A rapper spits anything that he thinks is hot at the moment but an emcee spits what is not just hot but is also real to himself, Rappers have images while emcee’s only have one thing that speaks for them……The microphone (e-nuff said)

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