Lil Wayne’s The Carter III Album Review: Syrup Edition

“The best rapper alive since the best rapper retired” – Lil Wayne

I look at that line in retrospect and get a sick feeling in my gut. The reason being that at the time Weezy spit that, I was a big fan of his work having grown up with him through my teen years and he was finally getting recognized after years of being overshadowed by his less skilled label mates. Don’t get me wrong the dude isn’t that hot shit but he was okay. Since The Carter I have watched Wayne slip further and further into nonsensical rhyming and subpar writing that made me loathe his music. The only thing I like about him now is his addiction to lean. Therefore, to review his new work, I decided to down some cough syrup and Napps then pressed play and this is what we got.


The gremlin reminds me of bogs and swamps with the title, go figure. That’s what a peat is, rotting vegetation. This is his version of wordplay due to this being the 3rd Carter album. Killer line on this one when he says, “I don’t give a motherfuck/ have your baby kidnap/ have your baby mother fucked/”. As it goes on Lil Wayne sounds constipated, like he’s in the toilet trying to get that shit out but it’s not coming.


This one has the best rapper retired on it. Jay impresses as he did on that Ross album. The sample for this beat is incredible. I would pay good money to know where it was lifted from. Another reference to dead things, the dude says Beetlejuice 3 times like in the movie for him to materialize. I told you he’s a gremlin. Lil Wayne surprised me when he spits a metaphor using the 4 seasons, “I got summer hatin on me coz I’m hotter than the sun/ I got spring hatin on me coz I ain’t never sprung/ winter hatin on me coz I’m colder than yall/ and I will never, I will never, I will never fall”. I could use more of those instead little dude starts begging for acknowledgement.


This beat bangs like a motherfucker! It’s the ultimate banging down your block joint. When you listen to what he says, you want to turn up the bass and just let the beat knock. This song is absolute nonsense save for the part where he declares himself as a venereal disease. How accurate, he is a VD on hip hop’s dick.


The gremlin recruits the Jamaican monster for this one. As always T-Pain delivers an infectious hook. Play-n-Skillz sound like a budget Cool & Dre on this beat. It’s been a long time since “Ridin Dirty” so it’s a good look that they got to work on what will probably be the most popular album this year. I hate this song though; it embodies all that’s not right with hip hop.


When the beat starts to knock I wanted to shout Mr. West but I was forced to open my mouth in utter amazement at the voice that was coming through the speaker. Lil Wayne found the burial ground where we placed Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill and them and dug up Babyface for this one. He swagger jacks Bey at the beginning when he spits, “To the left, to the left” then its downhill from there. He sounds like someone was choking him while he rapped on this.


Could the intro to this get any gayer? The concept is that Lil Wang is a doctor of sorts trying to cure wack rappers. I find this amusing coz if he can cure wackness then he should begin with himself. The beat is incredible, you wouldn’t believe Swizz Beats did it unless you were reading the credits as I was. This is actually quite good. I also found it hilarious that he refers to Jeezy and Ye as his fellow doctors. The last line on the song makes me want to slap the taste out of his mouth.


Remember the intro to Dr. Carter that was gay? This is gayer with a piano and a notably high Wayne screaming that he’s a martian. Those who do not read this gremlin’s interviews will get lost in this joint but this stems from an interview where he said we don’t understand him because he’s a martian. I think we don’t because he stays high as a giraffe’s butt, I mean, “Hip hop is my supermarket/ a shopping cart full of fake hip hop artists” shouldn’t he be in the cart ?


The first thing that came to mind when I heard this was Devin the Dude. It sounds like something Devin would rap to. I actually wish Lil Wayne would have had him collaborate on this. Robin did a great job on the beats, the sample is familiar, if it is a sample but I feel Wang could have written a lot deeper than this but he must have been stoned. It’s an okay track, you feel a lot of emotion in Weezy’s voice as he talks Katrina, and I wish Akrobatik rapped this.


This must have been inspired by his condom ads, so he flipped the script and the officer is a woman now. We all know he’s talking about a man. I know Bobby and Wayne have been streaming Homeboyz Radio and listening to G Money coz they pull that thing that G does when he plays Makmuga, wii, wii, wii, but in their case they want to imitate the siren. Its pop shit but listenable and one line got me, “All she want me to do is fuck the police” lol! Lil Wayne should be a singer.


Great sample from Mr. West again. The beat gradually builds from the loop, the snare, then the kick until the beat is complete. The rhymes are absolutely horrible but the beat saves the song. The machine gun rap is not fitting here at all and Kanye should have given this beat to Common to save us from that horrible Pharell joint.


This is the worst beat I have heard this year. It’s annoying. It sounds like Eminem but it isn’t its some kid called D. Smith. I couldn’t finish listening to this, it was pure torture like a Wawesh CD.


The most popular song in the world, what am I going to say about it? I may at times sing this when I’m alone in the box but its not a song I particularly like. I also think that this could be a gay anthem.


I’m thirteen songs deep by now and the kid is seriously annoying. I wish the album would have been over by now. It also occurs to me that Birdman isn’t on this record even though Wayne was on virtually every song on 5* Stunna. The hook to this is disgusting, the beat sounds like some rider nusic and Busta’s verse is okay compared to the bullshit he’s been putting out.


Who the fuck is Betty Wright? She’s’ an old r & b soul singer who is known for doing soul and gospel which makes me wonder if they lifted her voice or did she actually go to the studio for this. The beat is angry and doesn’t fit the hook, Lil Wayne sounds like a bitch crying and I couldn’t muster the courage to listen to the whole thing.


This is easily the manliest song on this record. Alchemist did his thing on the beat, it knocks serious and Fab is pretty impressive going off the bat like that. One thing that stands out is how good Wayne sounds singing the hook. That’s what him and Fiddy need to start doing, hooks! Juelz mother must be proud because not only can the kid form a whole sentence, he’s learnt how to rap. Not a bad joint.


This is a great Nina Simone sample, it was chopped up beautifully by these new cats called Rodney & Mousa. Did he just compare himself to Jesus when he spits the line about his hair is like wool? It’s kind of a lame song but you can feel this. He talks a lot of shit at the end getting political and what not. I am surprised the kid stays high but he remembers what he sees in the news coz he quotes mad statistics. As he rants you realize he is high and probably wears glasses. At least he disses Al Sharpton. ROFL!

All in all it’s listenable unlike The Carter II but lacks what Mannie Fresh did on The Carter. The tracks I fuck with are Mr. Carter, Dr. Carter, Tie My Hands, You ain’t got nothing and Misunderstood. This is however far from classic.



20 Responses to “Lil Wayne’s The Carter III Album Review: Syrup Edition”

  1. Martha o Says:

    I couldn’t finish reading what you’ve written.. But i think u r full of shit! No doubt.

  2. dude ive posted my thoughts on this album like on A Millie blogs(why do i waste my time) and yours aint no different…….


    Nway back to earth, lets jst wait for Nas…

  3. bellasbiz Says:

    NO doubt…waiting for that Nas…Martha, you need to relax…damn…

  4. Who’s Lil Wayne? is he like a rapper or something? LIke the blog. I shall cosider starting up my own.

  5. Black Robb Says:

    Dude, fyi there’s actually no dug-up sample for ‘Mr. Carter!!!!!’, if there was we both know Jigga would’ve jumped on it ages ago, prolly even on RD!! Even Weezy himself fell for it; ;in fact I really hope this doesn’t become the next fad after the ‘T-Pain Effect’. This thing of a John Doe doin a hook, then it’s given a myriad of edit effects to pass for a 1930’s classic sample is SO FAKE! Acceptable ones should be like what Kanye did with Chaka Khan. As for Swizzy’s brilliant ‘Dr. Carter’ concept, I wish he’d held it for Jay’s next record coz American Gangster took a different direction & he was really interested… Weezy should’ve killed it kabisa & I hope to skia Jay on it, even if it’s on the freestyle tip… C3 is no classic. We need to revisit the whole concept of a classic hip hop record; My rating: 3.5 stars out of 5.

  6. bellasbiz Says:

    ^^^thanks for the info i would have never guessed that the thing is not a sample…by the way hook me up with some new music dude!

    @Maggie…you were supposed to have started a blog some time back right?


  7. HAHAHAHAAH MAGGIE! You The Best ! Honestly? You don’t know who Mr. Carter is? Seriously for anyone who doubts Lil’ Wayne’s rapping skills, you should listen to this track “Let Us Pray” by Juelz Santana ft. Lil’ Wayne.
    Ha Weezy Fuck Baby (homo) get’s his ass handed to him…

  8. bellasbiz Says:

    ^^^phone home?

  9. Yeah, home. E.T. & his chic are separated or some trash like that… Dude i just noticed you got a gravatar!!!!

  10. Damn they should pay you to revies these albums n shit.
    I know i aint gonna find you fucking with no straped condoms fo sho.

    Carter who???

  11. Who the fuck is Marta anyways…..i know that aint my girl Martha Stewart, she too busy for this shit,,,,,,,

  12. fuck weezy! had to say it again for emphasis

  13. cant w8 to read this ish.seems deadly

  14. LMAO… i love the review.
    Weezy is iver rated.

  15. Black Robb Says:

    Well even die-hard Weezy fans will agree that he done fell off a bit of late, but there’s hope…y’all should check out his verse on Busta’s new joint ‘Throw It Up’…killa!!

  16. dreddlocked1 Says:

    i just listened to that ‘album’ which was recommended by a friend…i a now in the process of reviewing our friendship ’cause no friend of ine would ask e to listen to that $#!t. i dont understand the devotion he gets from his fans…i do know that he got beaten up once and robbed another tie when he was doing a show at Jackson State Univ. It makes sense to me cause your boy is a straight fag…and his rap is booty. The best songs on that whole albu are the collabos, and even those are bad…Busta. stepped up a bit and J will always give you something….Robin Thicke probably laughed all the way to the bank and T-Pain will jup on anything offered…Wayne sucks and on this album he ‘swallows’ as well…

  17. Yo, not to blow my own trumpet lakini I got some killlahh trackes on the site There’s one with Lil’ Wayne and also there’s another called Music Set Me Free that’s a remix to Mr. Carter off Lil’ Waynes Carter 3 album feat. Jay-Z. Take Flight!!!

  18. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- Says:

    Lil Wayne at times gets crazy with metaphors like he did with Mr Carter. I think having Jay Z on the track made him step up his act. But as you said, I dont like the way he begs to be included into the rap trinity. Its the people put you there. The a milli VD part, I couldnt have nailed it better. This review rocks!

  19. thanks Supreme…..if i get out of my current writer’s block/ laziness i will provide more….

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