Ms. Ass Out

“No bra with that blouse it’s so necessary/ no panties and jeans it’s so necessary” – Jay Z


So these guys at work have me going to this place where they will make me stop drinking and eating unhealthy, the only two things that I still enjoy doing on this god forsaken planet called Earth. I am totally not looking forward to it but I know that it’s a bunch of B.S. and I will be the same old Bella when I get back. Shiiit I already have my liquor packed. Anywho, yesterday I was pissed because in all the running around I somehow managed to rip my boxers. Don’t ask.


I think I am the only person whose job actually calls for literally chasing paper. I run all over town after this money and at the end of the day I need to wind out. Yesterday after calling my girl Elkay I went to my local to have some refreshment. Thanks to my friends I am now on an alkahol diet. This means I have to watch how much I drink. The last weekend was so bad that even the barman seconded the idea of my alkahol diet!


Therefore, I decide I will be sipping responsibly for the night. It was going okay for a minute as Dub and I talked about developments in his and my life then Elkay called me saying her and her entourage were on the way to Al’s to celebrate her birthday and she sounded pretty fucked up. I welcomed the idea and we got to chilling for her with the boys. After about 5 minutes she arrived making noise with her entrance. The bar was shocked and her friends were in culture shock but I was happy, finally some entertainment.


Elkay has a thing for The Pimp so they vanished for a while and in that time I got acquainted with her pal who I shall call Ass Out, you’ll know why in a moment. This girl was pretty drunk you could tell from the slurred speech to the stagger. She comes over and asks what me and Dub could buy her and I agree we could go dutch if she fronted me the other half upfront to which she says she’ll get back to me. Ms.Ass Out was dressed in a wrap around denim dress that had a belt to onnect the back. In all the movement I guess the thing got loose because she turned around to walk away when BOOM! A full moon right in my face!


I won’t lie, shorty was stacked, she had ass and breast for days but it was all out there for all and sundry to see. I always wanted to say that. The shorty then went and sat on the counter next to my cousin Abee. It was crazy the chick was just spreading and shutting those legs of hers at will. The randy bastards were enjoying it extremely. I on the other hand was just amazed that this girl had no underwear on whatsoever. No bra and no panties, she was my new favorite girl. I was sober enough to recall all this and the dudes who were drunk still got the photos that the papparazzi was taking. The Pimp better watch out!


Ms. Ass Out made me happy that I didn’t overindulge even though I got home at 3 in the morning. So until I get back from rehab, peace.




5 Responses to “Ms. Ass Out”

  1. woah that ass on the picha.. walalala i can eat that bila sauce!

  2. bellasbiz Says:

    that’s what it is….she’s called buffie the body..

  3. bellasbiz Says:

    that’s what it is….she’s called buffie the body..

  4. If u reading this, it means u are back from Rehab! So then why are u still holding that bottle? LOL!!! Anyway, hope it worked out for you. Let’s have a drink you tell me about it…

    Ash Out.


  5. dude hell of an ass that on the pic! anyway when youre gone remember rehab is 4 quitters! ur not a quitter are you?

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