Push…Huyo Muindi wa Naps yuko down!

“This is for my blue collar workin/ beer guzzlin/ bootleg DVD sellin/ keep hustlin, push” – Pharoahe Monch

 This morning woke up at around 0300h thanks to those Naps side effects. I immediately put on some music. First off, tried to mess with that Thug Motivation 101 but I wasn’t really feeling like Cocaine tales at that time of the morning so I switched the albums to Mos Def’s classic, “Black On Both Sides.” I only listened to one track though, Mr.Nigga. I was still not really feeling the music, I wanted something I could relate to and I found it. I had decided to skim through Pharoahe Monch’s “Desire” and that’s where I found my new favorite record, a song called Push. I must have played that song about 10 times. I could relate coz it’s a song about the struggles we go through in everyday life.

The song is mostly about economic struggles but the lyrics are powerful enough to relate to almost any struggle that you may face in life. Sample the first verse: “I live my life/ One day at a time/ Hold my head/ So I don’t lose my mind/ Sometimes you might fall down/ But you get back up/ Get on your journey/ Yeah, keep on pushin/” It could be anything that you are going through, the loss of a loved one, poverty, addiction, whatever you are struggling with you just have to keep pushing and you’ll get through it. There’s someone special who I am thinking about this morning that I know has been down lately and this song has made her stick in my mind, such that I have totally digressed from the core subject that I wanted to discuss so please bear with me.

At 0330h I was looking around the crib and realizing that I too have been losing the economic battle coz of my meager possessions, I thought about the urban legend that Napoleon is distilled by this solitary Indian dude somewhere in the hidden corners of Nairobi’s industrial area. This guy has gone through phases with his product. From the sachet then that ugly bottle that looked like a bowling pin which made it hard to conceal in the pocket as was previously the case.

The solitary Indian then upgraded and put the Naps in the same bottle as other spirits of repute. However, the gava aka the government just keep making it more and more expensive for the solitary Indian to produce the Naps. The solitary Indian at the same time is greedy and wants to keep enjoying the large profit margins despite this so it has led him to making a rather disappointing decision. Naps now is in a plastic 205ml bottle at the same price as before in select retail outlets (read: dingy bars in the slum). I bought one the day before last, sipped it last night amidst sighs of disappointment. In the words of one of my numerous jump offs “ Huyo boy ame kashi nichi!” Direct translation: “That boy has touched the ground.”



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