No Bitchassness!

“I got to/ let you niggaz know the time like Movado/ my motto/ stack rocks like Colorado/ like to sip the champagne Cristal by the bottle/ – Jay – Z

These mofos have me feeling like Diddy right now. Some genius in the IT department has blocked K-Blogga so now I have to pay good money to update the blog in a cyber. This is what I call bitchassness and I have witnessed a lot of it lately. In case, you haven’t heard the term, get familiar real quick, beats the shit out of oxford dictionary huh?

Bitchassness is a disease that we must come together to eradicate and as the man Katt Williams said, “Bitch niggas are getting stronger by the day!” I am forced to share with you some of my experiences with bitchassness this past weekend. On Friday, I am sipping with my girl Elkay at an undisclosed location. As we sipped some older negroes joined our table and they were indulging in chemical warfare or as my boy Q-Stick used to put it, KEMIKALI. This involved screw driving their beers with the ever mighty Viceroy brandy. After they had done their third quarter one of the dudes started bitching with saliva dripping out of his mouth.

The old chap couldn’t take anymore and he was blocking his friends from pouring anymore liquor into his glass. The guy almost tipped the table with his bitchassness consuming him. As if this wasn’t enough bitchassness for the day, my girls and I were joined by this baba that had a thing for one of my girls. I didn’t see anything wrong with this considering that the guy announced his arrival at the table with 2 rounds of drinks plus shots.  Everything was going smooth until the guy left to go take a piss. When he got back Elkay and I were sipping on the remnants of the beers ready to receive more from the generous old man. Only one problem, my other girl who the old man was into had grabbed herself some fine dread and they were grinding to that reggae song by Queen Ifrica that goes “Daddy don’t touch me there/ I’m gonna tell on you one day I swear/” how appropriate.

The old guy then looked at us with disgust when he saw this and grabbed his stuff and stormed off. That’s when I realized that this old guy was suffering from bitchassness. By this time I am pretty much winding up my night so I decided to pop up in the local. KPLC were also suffering from bitchassness so they cut power in L.A. so I went to cockpit because they have a generator. Over there I met with Dub who was plastered already. The beer in Dub then made him be honest with him and me for the first time ever. Only problem, Dub has a severe case of bitchassness. The negro slapped me…twice! Didn’t Charlie Murphy explain this in the Rick James episode on Dave Chapelle’s Show; you do not slap a man!

The boy went into a tirade talking about how I may have ruined his life and that I wanted to bang his woman. I tried to explain it but I think my reputation preceded me on that day so I gave up. This bitchassness has resulted in Dub spreading a lot of hate about me but I’m easy because I know where he was coming from and we were cool about it later. The last person suffering from bitchassness was I. After getting sipped seriously on Saturday, I was on the verge of an overdose so my body decided to shut down. When I woke up and saw the guys I was seated with were bad news I got up and ran for the door while the mofos gave chase. These guys have never seen a fat nigga run that fast to get away from alkahol.



7 Responses to “No Bitchassness!”

  1. nucca how did u get to export all ur posts! man i lost my entire collection! wtf!

  2. ^^^relax with the bitchassness…k-blogga prolly has yo shit backed up…

  3. K blogger is one some other shit,,,,

  4. Bitchassness is spreading.

    No BitchAssNess

  5. ^^ starting with a name like dickard…what kinda gayassness is that??

  6. bellasbiz Says:

    good one…gayassness…

  7. Negro i didn’t say none of that!!! I said what happened to hommies over hoes!!!! No more bitchassness!

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