Namtero Mdee Is A Ten!

“The principles of true hip hop have been forsaken/ it’s all contractual and about money makin/” – Black Thought of The Roots.

So thinking that I cannot get too drunk over the weekend was not to pass kind of like hopes Liverpool had about beating Reading. I hate soccer only that I went to this party where they had a screening of the match and I couldn’t help but see my old man’s favorite team get their asses handed to them by a team whose name most people pronounce wrong. That’s neither here nor there, I want to talk about random events that lead to statements like the title of this blog.

Saturday, I decide let me laze around the mom’s crib and peep some movies, “Avoid the bar Bella, save that dough, get yo azz into that club for that gig!” said Self. I said to myself, “Self, you know what, I think you are right, I won’t get too drunk and go for that gig man!” How wrong could a brother be? The celly started ringing at about 1700h, my dude PM is on the other end talking some nonsense about a get together and there was mad drink plus it’s going down in my hood.

Self: Dude, say no man, let’s kick it and watch this movie about gymnastics, it’s funny.

Bella: You right bro. It is hella comedy.

Self: (barking) WTF! You better get in the shower and get fresh we off to that digzparty! 

The bash was full of cool people, rhumba music and a couple of rap dudes. I was sipping on that blue label vodka so you know none of my unhealthy brain cells were escaping the euthanasia that the vodo was carrying out dropping bombs in my dome. I chopped it up with some rapper that I don’t usually talk too highly of and found out he is a cool dude but still weak lyrically. I was feeling the shorty he was with though, pulled a few moves, got the digits but lost my phone on Monday. So unless she’s a proactive mama, I might not see her again.

Anyway, after downing a whole bottle of blue label with a little help from Chiwawa and the mama, I got a text from the pimp telling me that he had a complimentary ticket to get me into the gig so I should meet him at the club at midnight. By midnight the blue label had not kicked in seriously so I thought I was good. WRONG! As soon as I got in and popped the first bottle, it was like Jimi Hendrix said in Purple Haze, “Excuse me while I kiss the sky! “ The brain cells could fight no longer and I had to take a power nap.

I got up mad energized and decided to connect with the brothers and that’s when it happened. Dream started singing in my head, “Shawty right there is a ten! “ I had just laid eyes on Namtero Mdee. Dude, she has a funky name, she is fine, she is polite and she was not boring. Too bad she had to go coz a cab was waiting for her so I did not get to express to her how gracious I am to God for creating someone oh so close to perfect. I was buzzed though so I didn’t even bother getting the digits but I know I will connect with her again.

I had planned to watch the Mayweather fight so we stayed at the club after everyone else had left sipping. We had a cool table near the diner comprising The Pimp, his shawty, Dub, Stalin and his jump off, A pimp named slickback, Kay and a very drunk Bella and Greygoose. Needless to say I caught only the 1st round of the fight when I got to the digz and woke up at 1100h.

This night led me to make the following statements: Smirnoff Blue Label ain’t to be fucked with! Chiwawa is actually a cool dude, Blackstar Entertainment are not that good, DNG can be a good hypeman, Unpredictable had some predictable moments, I hang out with a bunch of cool dudes and Namtero Mdee is a ten!



5 Responses to “Namtero Mdee Is A Ten!”

  1. Venessa Mdee is a ten…………Namtero im sorry but i had to say that ur sister aka future ex girlfriend put the ‘P’ in Fine

  2. Emmanuel keith Says:

    I like it so can click if you like go to hell and come back on foot you’ll never find a guy and a chick like me and her together as g**lf*i*n* and b**f*i*n* so i advice you to give it h*r up Yours faithful Emmanuel

  3. I can’t believe i predicted DNG being Kenya’s number 1 hypeman back in ’07!

  4. she is extremely hot.

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