Just another Sober Sunday

“Unschooled to the rules and too gum shoe/ too much of a newcomer and too uncool” – Lupe Fiasco

Sunday morning, most people are getting cleaned up to head off to church and get their God on. What is Bella doing on a Sunday morning? I am dragging my azz off my mom’s couch where I had crashed the night before intoxicated from all the tequila shots that I had done with my girl BM at this pub called Summers in LA that I must say has improved quite a bit since the last time I was there. The key reason I have to get off the couch is coz someone’s at the door. It’s The Pimp, he just got in from the party Homeboyz did at Crooked. I get my kicks and head off to my place to waste the Sunday listening to old rap records.

As I’m banging that song O.C. did for the Boiler Room soundtrack (great movie by the way, Ben Affleck killed that role), my celly goes off and it’s The D.I. Now, anyone in their right senses would ignore the call coz it will lead to a drinking plan but Bella isn’t in his right senses is he? Besides, how many times does The D.I. call, he’s always on that flashback tip. I agree to meet him at Al’s as usual. At Al’s we sip the usual Naps and text his sis who’s in the states to wish her a happy birthday, she thanks us by saying it’s too early to be in the pub, should have questioned her about where she was hanging out coz it had to be like 5 in the a.m. in America and don’t they close down clubs at three or some shit.

Anywho, we needed nutrition, like Dead Prez said, live healthy, so The D.I. took me to this spot that had great ugali and beef fry. This is where the drama was about to begin. As we headed back to Al’s we passed Barrels and heard loud music and saw some fine shawtys shaking their asses outside. I convinced The D.I. that we must go in and there it was, the most low budget video shoot ever. There was one dude, the director I presumed, who was recording using a hand held camcorder and like 5 girls and 6 dudes. The girls were ish ish save for one called Temi.

Temi was real thick in all the right places, thighs, ass, belly, face. She had the face of a baby angel and not a bad looking weave (I still hate weaves though). I was watching her swoosh up and down the stripper pole in some hot pants and tank top. I was hearing the sound of angels humming and straight drooling but this was interrupted immediately when she went down on the ground and started pussy popping on a handstand! Right there and then The D.I. and I started struggling to catch a better view coz those shady suckaz were blocking us.

Amazing, I had to rush to the ATM to get more cheese for more beers coz I had to have that girl when she was done shooting. The shoot went on for quite a bit and the more it went on the more fucked up we got and the more dope that kapuka song kept sounding. I tell you the kid who did the song looked the shadiest, with some wack stunnaz and small ass chain on his neck. Then there were two brothers who were rocking jeans that looked like Capri pants, a waist jacket over a fitting white shirt and big azz stunnaz that covered their faces. Is that what’s cool with the kids today? Dress up like a fag and you will be considered cool? I blame punk azz Wayne and Jim Jones for this shit!

There was a scene where the girls tease them and the director told them to look cool. All these niggaz did was rub on their chins and lick their lips. SMH. The girls did all the work. Another scene was shot at the bar and it had to look like they had drinks, this dumb ass director gets empty bottles and places them in front of the dudes. Temi tells him can’t they at least put water in them to make it look real but he completely ignored her. I’m telling you I can’t wait to see what the final product is going to look like. There was one kid though who could breakdance like the original B-Boys on some Bobitto Garcia, Crazy legs, Rocksteady shit but then when they were shooting him, all he kept doing was this wack Justin Wiggerlake move! Worse still when The D.I.went to the gents he found this kid kissing another dude!

Anyway, The D.I pulled a Scofield and all I got from Temi was a hug, sexy looks while shooting and an emptier bank account from all the beers I drank. However, I do have a memory lapse from like 1800h so who knows maybe your boy got something more huh? Probably not.



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