I met H.E.R.

“The reasons for your deficit/ alcohol maybe Genesis/ Exodus n Leviticus/ Numbers n Deuteronomy/ I’m neo geometry/ you cats are easy like subtraction/ you junior high to me” – Blu of Blu & Exile.

I haven’t been feeling too humorous lately people so I have been away from this blog and got myself addicted to Facebook. Yes, the same Facebook that I spent hours on end counting all the reasons why I hate it and its applications. The ish is like alkahol, it’s perfect for escapism. I have been trying to escape from all the madness that surrounds me and all the pressure at work and coz alkahol is costly and my pockets are kind of light, I opted to go on the net and indulge in Facebookism. Yeah, I just invented a word right there.

Something cool happened to me though over the weekend, I met H.E.R. She was still as fine as I remembered her if not finer. She still had a way with words that kept you thirsting for more. She still had the colours to cover all the walls from Umoja to Kangemi, Lang’ata to South C. She reminded me of why I fell in love with her 16 years ago. Yes, I am talking about Hip Hop in its Essence and Realness. I got to listen to the best album dropped last year, Blu & Exile’s “Below the heavens” just before the weekend and it restored my faith in the young emcees. The kid is 22 and spits mad fire.

With this renewed faith in the young cats I decided to go to the WAPI Peace Festival last Saturday for the emcee battle and gotdamn wasn’t that an experience! The beautiful youth of Nairobi were out in droves and most of these kids actually know some good hip hop. I have always been invited to these WAPI events but I was always too lazy to go until this one and boy did I regret that. I’m talking graffiti artists, rappers, emcees (yes, there is a difference between the two), fashion designers, producers, poets….Each and every one of them with absolute love for the hip hop culture.

And don’t even get me started on the eclectic mix of people. There were the rich kids in their fathers’ cars together with the ghetto youth who walked to the venue. Ancient, jaded and retired emcees such as myself hand in hand with the young, up and coming emcees with dreams of owning the stage while they controlled the mic. The alkaholiks with their sodas spiked with their favorite poison standing across the ground to the weedheads who puffed their blunts slow while they analyzed the graffiti and nodded their heads to the hypnotizing sounds of Ukoo Flani Mau Mau.

I traded verses with a couple of cats off stage and the feeling was great. Mad props to Point Blank, Blackskillz, I n I, Rabbit and Mista Ri. They keep it alive in the underground. I also got to meet up with the woman whose personality I would love to marry if I was the marrying type, my girl Charity. She did a graf mural that no one could read while the guy next to her did a mural that reminded my boy Jack from Homeboyz of a clitoris….Don’t ask.

The weather was terribly hot though so I had to bail early to cool out. Like Common said on “I used to love h.e.r.” – Cool out, cool out and listen to h.e.r. Besides, my man E was throwing rounds at Dodds and I needed that drank!

Hope you weren’t too bored with this update on how I was reminded of why I used to love h.e.r. I think, like my man Ye said, I still love h.e.r.



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