The Misadventures of Bella, Space and the D.I.

“Since I’m a mack, well you know how the story goes/ so all ya hoez n negroez here we go/” – Domino


I have these two drinking buddies from the days when we would all post ourselves on one opf the hood’s pavements and proceed to sip naps from sachets hidden in a paper bag. This was during a lounging period in our lives and they are Space and the D.I.


You already know Space if you are an ardent reader, the D.I. on the other hand is one of the most notorious sippers that one can ever come across. The boy is do or die about the liquor game. I call him the D.I. which stands for Direct Injection. This is a method of drinking where the dude takes a long pull from his cigarette then holds the smoke in. He then proceeds to take a straight shot of the liquor and exhales what little smoke is left in his lung. I think the method would me mad crazy if he smoked blunts. Anyway, that’s the D.I.


Every now and then we manage to get along and go on a drinking binge together, which is rare nowadays, since base was shut down by some police dude who threatened me at the locals. Things changed when I moved and Space moved leaving the youngest the D.I. solo. Sometime back I got a call from the D.I. telling me to join him at some outskirt location where he and Space were chilling with some shorty getting sipped. I figure it was a sober Sunday, might as well make the trip and get sipped for free.


Little did Space and I know it was a set up. The D.I. had probably scored with the mama and she had asked her two friends over and all the D.I. had to do was pimp his two pals to these women and the flow of booze would be endless. Space and I while getting sipped at the mama’s crib, get surprised by two big girls. Now I like me some sista big bone but I don’t like to be set up with women without some kind of warning. Anyway, as we keep sipping and eat, the stories start flowing and we are all shortly talking about everything from sex, marriage to alcohol.    


One of the mamis made me walk her to the stop as she had to leave early and what do I meet on the way? This bad honey called Sal that I have known since back in the day. Then, they used to call her ghost coz she was skinny as hell (we are talking skeletal) brah! Now the mami has a heavenly body, the booty is round and taut enough to bounce a 50 cents coin off of. I had gotten her digits twice before but due to the way I live, I lost my phone within a week of both occasions. So she sees me with a mami carrying a huge as bag and she says something about broken promises and bounces refusing to give me the digits. Chicks 1 – Bella 0.


Get back to the crib and I sip too much coz the other big girl at the crib had started feeling me due to all the ish we had in common and plus I was laying the game down thick coz I figured Space wasn’t interested. It was working coz I remember vaguely that her ‘boyfriend’ had showed and was getting all jealous at the play I was getting but due to my overindulgence my drunken azz passed out. I was later told she covered me up and tried to bag Space who feigned a headache to avoid it. Space still making me go how now brown cow!


Anyway my drinking made miss out on two chances of getting with a big girl and some tight booty. This is only one of the misadventures that Bella, Space and the D.I. have been through, what misadventures do you and your crews go through?




One Response to “The Misadventures of Bella, Space and the D.I.”

  1. Okay since im using my Government name ill Censor the story but basically i woke up at my cousin’s with only my boxers on and could vagely remember going out with a very fine chick last night. When i got to the living room she was passed out on the couch with my jeans on, wierd thing is i hadnt got none but her skirt and top are missing upto this day…… where??? advice to self: Do not drink Johnny Walker Black

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