Tupac’s Day

Today is the 11th Anniversary of the passing of Tupac Shakur. This post is not for everyone, those that are too sensitive please stop reading now. If you have issues with certain expletives please stop reading too. If you respect opinion then this is for you. What follows is my opinion on Mr.Shakur.

Those that are familiar with his music know that this was one of the most militant and rebellious niggaz since Fela Kuti and Bob Marley. The only diferrence between Pac and the other two is that Tupac was no musical genius but did share the same gift of poetry that the other legends possessed, which is what primarily made Tupac such a good rapper. Due to his death though, Pac was raised to god status even considered as a martyr by others due to the way he exited the world.

Someone wrote on a blog I was on that had Tupac lived he would have been dead. I disagreed because this nigga was the kind of myopic idiot that did not see Tupac as a troubled youth who had seen that it was a white man’s world and it was him against it. This person saw a thug, a gangster, what he portrayed in song. He later believed the hype and entered that world. A case of life imitating art instead of vice versa as was the case with rappers like Eazy E, Ice T, and a slew of other L.A. rappers.   

The reason I raised the issue of Tupac living is because only then would he have reached the level of enlightenment that he would have needed to be the ultimate soul rebel as Bob and Fela. See, Tupac died when he was 25 and sure he had been through a tremendous struggle growing up but I feel that Pac needed to be more exposed to the world and met a lot more people for him to mature both in rhyme and in his own life.

Check it, this nigga had the power of words and that made him a leader amongst his peers, how else would you explain how such a wack rapper got the legendary status that he enjoys till today had it not been his words. The nigga talked about Brenda’s got a baby and you knew Brenda from next door or your sister was Brenda throwing a baby in the trash. You got to love that. But he was too young to lead.

Had God given him 10 more years for him to go meet all sorts of different people in the world like Fela when he met the Panthers and began his activism and in later years all the shit the gava put him through for him to pen classics like “Expensive Shit” and “Zombie”. Had the Good Lord given him 10 More years for him to go out into the world and meet the people that were oppresssed and why he was named after a rebel activist, like when Bob went to Ethiopia to find the roots of the Rastafari Movement and ended up converting to become an Orthodox Christian, Tupac would have been a different nigga, a Neo-Nigga so to speak.  

It is with time that we experience more and encounter different situations and it is from these that we become whole. Tupac never got that chance in part due to his uncensored mouth and increasingly aggressive and violent behaviour. In his own words, sometimes you got to say “Fuck Tupac!”

Hip hop purists say, “Fuck Tupac for ignoring the rules of battle raps and going personal at B.I.G.!” 

African Americans say, “Fuck Tupac for unveiling the pathetic truths of our lives and how everyday we continue to destroy each other”

White Boys say, “Fuck Tupac for exposing us and our ancestors to millions of people worldwide.”

Black Women might say, “Fuck Tupac for writing keep your head up then turning right round and writing wonder why they call you bitch.”

….and Pac in his own words would say, “Fuck you too nigga!”

Today I take time out to pay homage to someone whose lyrics influenced me to respect women and above all my mama. I pay tribute to man who had he been given more time on the planet would have maybe had a child and would take the same turn Talib Kweli did on Quality. I pay tribute to one of the greatest writers of our time.      

Let me end this by flipping the Jedi Mind Tricks by saying “We might be servants in hell, but kings in heaven.” Rest In Peace Tupac Amaru Shakur.



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