Sober Sundays

“I’m black, so I like the oldies on Sunday/ drink all night still go to work Monday” Those words form the mouth of the ill Styles P are some that I and a few friends of mine relate to if you scratched the night and replaced it with day. I am listening to rehab as I type this and thinking the way one day they will be telling me that I should go to rehab but I won’t go no no!

Sober Sundays stand for the direct opposite coz in most cases we will get so pissy drunk that Sato itakuwa shadow! Originally the name came from my deliquent brother, Dee. We would originally go to the local, Al’s and get plastered without carrying any money. Sober Sunday, from hereon referred to as SS, has a way of taking care of itself.

One time Dee and I  went to the pub with kshs.110, enough for just 1 naps. We get to al’s just after 9am. The punk azz kids were being taken through Sunday School as the hot girl from the night before was running to church, late for the sermon on account of the mad sambucas that she downed courtesy of yours truly. We jest all the way to the pub and order the naps and proceed to share the demon drink between us.

We are then greeted by this drunk dude who tells us to vote nyundo or the mungiki will keep having our heads for breakfast! We agree with the bugger and that is when 2 more naps come our way. After which  my pal Jay comes through and he is in a terrorising mood and orders for 2 more. That makes 5 naps by noon. In the afternoon Em comes through and sorts out 3 more through the afte into the evening. If you know naps, you know sikujitambua by 6pm.

Another interesting SS, I got there fresh to death in a black tee and shorts with JM and 3 friends if his of the female persuasion. We proceed to destroy our livers and the hunger in me comes out after I see JM kissing his mama. I tell him that’s the wack way to kiss and ask one of the females to volunteer, let’s call her Vee, Sidenote: She has 3 nipples which she showed us. Anyway, I tell JM to peep it as I proceed to passionately kiss that chick. As the liquor got the better of me I kissed her friend too and then passed out for like 2 hours, got up and went digs!

The weird SS was when I have had it away from Al’s on 3 occassions. The first was when Mwenda threw a staff party at Heritage and invited some regulars. I had started sipping naps from like 10am, so by the time I went to Heritage at 3pm let’s just say nilikuwa mbele. Needless to say I passed out and was the butt of jokes at Mwenda’s for weeks.

The other time I got drunk by 3pm on naps and got a call from my ex L, got to her place and I was so drunk I took my pal Cee with me. He was hitting on L’s little sis and so she had to be macho and needless to say I didn’t get none!   

The third time, JM, his female friends and I hit the clubs till morning from Sato so Sunday morning we crashed at a hotel. I had a whole bottle of Viceroy so while JM and the girls slept I drank and watched videos. JM’s mama woke up sipped a bit then we danced. One thing led to the other and before long we were kissing. I was about to take her to the bathroom to hit but I had no rubbers. I felt bad for JM for a minute then went back to the bottle. Whatever man!

God bless sober sunday!



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  1. now this ishh is the off the chain.. mainly coz i can relate.. kip this shit comming

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