Preggers? DDD, ANT or GBD

 was going to post about the debauchery I got into over the weekend but there’s something heavy weighing on my mind concerning a buddy of mine. My boy O and I were catching some very well needed pints to commemorate Sober Sunday when he let me know that his girlfriend is pregnant.This has happened to a lot of my pals but O had always been the most careful till he met this chick. He even told me that he loved her and that she might be the one, however things haven’t been going as well as they started and he was toying around with the idea of ending the relationship then this ish happens.

Now what I wonder is whether she is trying to pull the old keep a brotha baby on my man O! She must have sensed that ish was about to hit the fan and got preggers, but then O should have also wrapped it up before he slapped it up coz you know it takes two.

Anyway I don’t think she was coz O just sent me a text as I type this to say that they have both agreed to get rid of the pregnancy which gets me to the gist of this post. Ladies and germs of cyberworld, what do you do when she is preggers?

1. Deny, deny, deny and when the baby comes out 9 months later with your big azz forehead deny it even more. This solution is very commonplace among the youngins. I call it DDD. 

2. Accept and Terminate or ANT as I like to refer to it. This is for the ones who do not want to take care of a baby or are not ready to. Could be young broke and irresponsible so they think they should get rid of it as early as possible.

3. Accept the responsibility and get ready to deal with the consequences. This is the grown man way to deal with it. I also like to refer to this as GBD aka Got Balls Dude. This is for the couple who are willing to go with it whatever it takes or due to religion they do not believe in abortion.

Whichever of the 3 you must be ready to live with the ghosts or angels that will follow you for the rest of your life.

Sorry I can’t talk about the weekend today, come back kesho I got details and you will love it.

Big up to all the single mothers and fathers out there. Like Tupac said keep your head up. Go to the comments section and tell me if you are a guy of DDD, ANT, OR GBD for the fellas and girls just tell me whats’ up coz it’s your bodies.  



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