On My Way To Work

“The streets are getting hot n the youth dem a get so cold” – Richie Spice

I woke to a crazy text from R.O.S. and felt good about today. I wake up at 5 so as I walk up my street it is usually dark coz my hood could definitely use an upgrade in street lighting. I give the watchie a pound and start walking rapping that Nas song, the world is yours, “wipe the sweat off my dome/ spit the flem on the street/ suede timbs on my feet makes my cypher complete/” but my thoughts are interrupted by footsteps.

It’s this hot plump girl who is always joggging between 5 and 6 around the hood. I always smile at her but I don’t think she sees me, oh well. I am near the kiosk now and I peep the sickest ish. This watchie is standing there on the sidewalk peeing on the road, wtf? I eyeball this guy straight in the macho and he isn’t moved the least bit he just slows it down, you know when you hold the pee so that it doesn’t hit the ground hard. As soon as I am past him I hear the intensity of the jet hitting the ground as headlights from a moti lights up the road. I bet they saw his pee pee. Punk.

Get to the stage and I am right on time 0547h, that is the time Rocafella usually fikas and I hop in. Today they are playing black supremacy vidz. Reggae always gets me in a militant state of mind. The vidz go from Collie budz, Capleton, Turbulence to Luciano. I love Luciano, his spirituality and consciousness is amazing. He sings, “My people we all are free/ as far as the eye can see/” It makes me want to join my pal Maina Kiai and the KNCHR to go out and peacefully protest against the EPA whose negotiations end in December. The EU will kill our economy’s development if we go with this economic partnership agreement.

Traffic jam? At 5 in the morning. There has been a serious prang. I hope noone was hurt but the moti is fucked up! GK reads the plates. These mofos drive like lunatics, I think to myself, there is a minister’s car on the side and mad cops…..whatever!

The video makes me happy coz there is a part with Buthelezi in full Zulu attire. What happened to Buthelezi I wonder. We are in tao and the market women are already all over the streets on their way to buy the produce to sell for today. I get off as Richie Spice sings “If education is the key/ why do the big guys make it so expensive to read?/”.

No hoez causing drama at F2, there are only a couple of what I presume to be strippers coz of their sobriety, one smiles at me, I nod. Pick up The Standard, can’t wait to peep smitta’s column….It’s been a minute since we caught a drink together I think….whatever! Walk past this shortie and subconsciously turn back to peep the booty. I am disappointed.

Am at my desk and I need to listen to some hip hop, “Feen for hip hop, it’s got me stuck like a crack pipe”, so I turn on the computer scroll through my music folders and pick out Illmatic. As Nas’ words come through the speaker I quickly get rid of mail from my inbox before system admin sends me those annoying messages about my mailbox limit. Punk.

Log on to Kenyanblogger and I am not feeling funny and want people who come to my blog to picture my typical morning so I started typing this. Illmatic is on the final song as I finish this, “It ain’t hard to tell”.

I hope that today will be a good day. “I sip moet with medusa, give her shotguns in hell/ from the spliff that I lift and inhale/ it ain’t hard to tell/”



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