Nicknames Kibao

“I’m the lyrical HIV use Trust for your protection” – Bamzigi aka African Superman.

I was thinking about the way recently one visitor to the blog almost outed my real name when she called me Jay. That’s when I started thinking back to the first nickname I ever got and in the process realised I have had way too many. Peep some of the memorable ones.

A.V. – This stood for adoloscent victim. I acquired this when I was 13. Puberty had struck and unlike most of my class who were ashamed and nervous,  I fully embraced it meaning that I would go around sexually harrasing the shorties. I would be spotted slapping azzes at random with reckless abandon. Prayer time at pastrol to P.E. I was just smacking azz. The funny thing is that most of them enjoyed this attention. At break time I was busy trying to look up the class 8 shorties’  dresses from downstairs as they stood on the balcony.

Odhat – This was a play of words by my boy Drew. Jang’o dudes are called Odhis so Drew just flipped the dhis to dhat. There’s people from high school who still call me that like this nigga that I had drinks with last night but I had to scofield coz I had work today.  It’s one of my coolest nicknames.

Juonyox – I can’t really recall who invented this one but it was also in my high school years. In remember someone started it to describe someone whose dick still rocks a hoodie…for the slow mofos..not circumcised. I used to be a violent mofo those days I kicked everyone’s azz that used it as a term of disrespect so it was shortlived.

V.I.C. – That’s pronounced Vee – Eye – Cee. I adopted this one myself when I was part of this cypher called ATF i.e. Alkahol Tobacco & Freestyles. It used to be me and the Walanguzi dudes plus this sick spitter called Em Easy. The reason for Vee Eye Cee was coz that dude from walanguzi used to call himself Vickee then same as me so I flipped it. In the final year he said we should switch names and he still uses the moniker till today.

Saliva – This was the strongest of my nicknames coz even my brothers call me saliva. I got this from my USIU crew. Don’t get it twisted, I never went to USIU to soma, I just used to go get fucked up on Thirsty Thursdays. My crew all had nicknames so Q-Stick decided that by the end of that night of drinks I must have one. We were sipping and I passed out, on waking up they were all screaming saliva! Big O claimed that when I blacked out saliva was coming out of my mouth and I kept sucking it back in mumbling, “there’s no escaping this” ala Beatnuts! I however lie to hot women when they ask about the origin. I say, “it’s coz I spit too much………too many rhymes!”

4 elements – That was my stage name when I was asked to perform back in the day when I thought I wanted to be an emcee. I can’t stand the attention you get with people asking you to spit for them when you aren’t on stage. That one is my weakest nickname.

 Halflife – This was originated and used by only one chick, the infamous 22. If you read the blog then you know the backstory.

Obama – I almost forgot this one. When Senator came out when I was in Campus I used to be a regular sipper. The staff at the student bar then began calling the drink Obama as Barrack got popular in the country. The combo of being a regular sipper and a well spoken gentleman made them nickname me Obama. I miss those mofos.

Jay – Due to my name and collection of Jay Z records plus my mad knowledge of dude’s rhymes led to my boo Ray calling me Jay. I wish more people would have adopted this name to refer to me but alas.

Let me get back to work. What outrageous nicknames did you have?



2 Responses to “Nicknames Kibao”

  1. Back in primo, I had a really bad posture plus the walking style was nothing to write home about.The dames finally started calling me ‘early man’ and it stuck like glue.

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