I miss school

“I miss those days so now I pout like a grown jerk/ wishin all I had to do now was finish homework/” Ahmad spit those lines on his classic joint “Back in the day” and I got into work feeling that way today. I am sick and tired of all the responsibilities that come with being an adult. I wish I could build a time machine that would take me back to when I was a shorty kicking rocks going to school. 

Some of my fondest memories are from High school. I went to Ditchez when it was still Ditchez, man we used to sneak behind the latrines to smoke cigarettes after class and blaze blunts depending on how we were feeling that day. What I liked most was that all I had to do was keep my grades up for the old folks and as far as money was concerned it was all gravy. 

I met the first girl I ever truly loved when I was in second form, her name was Liz and she was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on. It was music fest ’97 and I had just come back to KCITI after going to Calif to another Mama Pima who sold some lethal ish called KWAL. Tulienda mtaa moja karibu na huyo mathe na vile tulikuwa ngazini, my boy pulls out a blunt and we puff puff pass for a while but we were abruptly interrupted by a mathe who smelled the aroma from the blunt and we were sent scattering into the streets. I digress. 

I was at KCITI talking to some girl when My boy K Dogg comes over and tells me that I have to go and spit some raps for these girls he had just met. I reluctantly went coz I hated that just coz I had mic skills I was treated like a juke box. Anyway, when I got to the section of the pitch that the girls were I felt a lump in my throat, there she was….I swear I could see this girl’s aura like when Charlie Murphy met Rick James. I asked her who she liked coz I didn’t want to spit any of my original material on account that I felt they were sub par. She told me Mase and I spit that Tell me what you want jam. From then on I was in love. I miss her. 

During the school holidays me and my crew used to take out the shinde and hit Westie like a joke, we never missed a Soul night at Carni either. It was just always alcohol, music and girls without worrying about deadlines, bank accounts, tax returns, rent, utilities and all that shit. I miss ducking school through the fence wearing my house colors and going to sip at Psys, when it used to play only rock and was owned by the white dude, after which we would go to Carni for Rock night. Those days we were kedo 12 regular miros excluding the hoz who used to do rock. Those were the days Teddy, Smitta and akina Eric were tight as gloves and never used to hata that scene. 

I miss going to watch battles at Kengele’s ABC, the early days of CMB and Mbwa Kali of Nanoma being the craziest dude I had ever come across. I miss those days for real. 

Anyway enough reminiscing, let me look forward to a date I have this evening with one of my favorite girls. Tunawaka mpaka tutoe machozi, kawaida yetu, kawaida yetu! 



2 Responses to “I miss school”

  1. What happened to Nanoma..miss ’em

    • bellasbiz Says:

      Nannoma split due to everyone pursuing their own shit…Big Mike studies architecture but he is still in the game as a producer…he worked on Abbas’ current hit, Get down as well as Chiwawa’s Renegade….Chizi Noma is in aviation but he also produced 2 joints on Abbas’ album….Mbwa Kali went to the UK, he makes guest appearances on niggaz raps once in a while and Musyoka nowadays has his own production company….he produced Nonini’s album & is working on P-Unit’s album….

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