I love girls, girls, girls, girls…

Bryjoe, my favorite blogger after Leon, (click the link on the left and you will not be disappointed), got me thinking yesterday with her comment about my girl. I would like to break it down to you all now, I love women, all women, their inner strength, courage, wisdom….everything. Let me give you a polite rundown of the women in my life.

1. Earth: This is my main chick. This is the woman who I consider to be the reason that Andre 3000 wrote the lines “I think that you are one of a kind and that makes you kind of the one.” There have been very few main chicks in my life. This is due to the fact that I am considered to be emotionally immature or unavailable. Currently the position is almost filled, am still interviewing but there is definitely someone that comes close.

2. Buddy: This is my best friend and currently there are 3 women holding this position in the organization that is my life, Moms, DK and LK. These are the women who know everything there is to know about me, the beautiful and the ugly. They are also the ones who give me advice and sort me out when I am a mess.

3. Drankin Patna: This position is at the moment vacant coz there are very few girls that meet the qualifications needed to be my drankin patna. This is the shortie that can cosume the same amount of alkahol that me and the boys do and is willing to do so anywhere. There was once a woman like that in my life, shortie was serious she even went with us to SJ’s. Any takers?

4. The Catchmate: This is the girl that has some serious kissing skills and basic rubs without sex. We hook up at times catch pints then rubs and she is out. This woman usually has a boyfriend and I am just a filler in her life when homeboy isn’t around. Currently they are quite a few. I just keep on my toes not to end up like that guy on news. This situation has been known to transform the catchmate to an earth when they break up with their dudes.

5. Flirt: This is the woman that is witty and very good at turning me on but never acting out any of the fantasies we talk about when we flirt. Currently the position is filled by one very crazy girl kind of like myself. The situation in the past has been known to transform a flirt to an earth….

6. Random: Have you ever gone to the club and met someone that you are attracted to physically and the two of you end up exchanging numbers and bodily fluids. You see each other for a couple of months, it gets boring and you just stop calling each other? This is the random broad, currently there are a lot of numbers on my celly that I should honestly delete when I think of the random shorties on there.

All these women co-exist in my life in perfect harmony at any given time. I am off to work now.



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