I love breasts..Only reason to rock pink

“Some may even say the song is sexistis/ coz I tell the girls to rub on they breastisis/” Pharaohe Monch. 

Today I have been mad busy. The month is off to a good start, already made enough sales by 1300h, until R.O.S. called me asking why she hadn’t seen any new post yet so I’m back like vertabrae (stole that from Treach). 

I was walking the streets as usual, bootyseeing which is like sightseeing only that you stare at booty the whole time. My eyes locked onto one in particular and I really wanted to have a closer look when 2 bootyblockers surfaced between I and the precious booty. Now a bootyblocker is the guy who comes into your line of vision once you zeroed in on a nice one then proceeds to walk slow enough to block you from seeing it yet fast enough to make the distance between them and the booty so small that if you overtake him, it is inevitable that you will also overtake the booty. 

I give up and turn to the side to peep what magazines were on the stand and that’s when I saw the cover of the year. This month’s True Love has 3 gorgeous sisters on the cover in the form of Angela Angwenyi, Pinky Ghelani and the fliest whose name fails to register in my brain right now. What makes it cover of the year is that they are topless! 

The perverts who visit this blog have abandoned their computers by now. Yeah I said it…they are topless but Pinky’s hair and the other 2 chick’s heads cover hers while the other two are cupping theirs with their hands. The rest of the cover is pink. That gets me to the point of this post, SAVE A BREAST, WEAR PINK. 

People this is October, breast cancer awareness month, we need to raise awareness on this cancer that many of our sisters are ignorant of and is leading to the loss of breast or worse, the loss of life. We need to volunteer where you can and wear a pink ribbon or pink armband to promote awareness. I know we all do not want to see a sister with no titty, do we? 

I know there is a foundation for breast cancer next to HQ on Langata Road, I dated someone that volunteered there, I never volunteered myself but I did help raise money by selling the pink armbands last year. I am a procrastinator, that’s why I end up never volunteering. 

Fellaz you now have a legitimate excuse to fondle a sister’s breasts. If she does not know how to check her titties for lumps and you like myself know how to do it, TEACH HER. Try not to let Mr.Pop Up show his ugly head coz then she will realsise you are just a perv! Oh, I see the pervs are back with a disappointed look on their face. On a serious note though this ish is scary, I had a pal who discovered a lump on her breast and agonized for a week scared to go see a doc in case it was a cancer. 

It turned out to be in its early stages and the doctors said it was lucky she caught it in time coz they managed to get all of it before it spread. She is one of the lucky ones as all she was left with was a slight scar under her right titty. Sisters check out your breasts everyday, when you shower and oil yourself. 

To those that have lost their peops to cancer of any form here are some comforting lyrics from Anthony Hamilton’s genius work, Pass me over- To me, he likens death to someone dreaming until the day the Lord will return. 

If you catch me dreaming/ please don’t wake me till I’m done/ Just leave me sleeping/ until the morning comes/ Just pass me over/ make believe that I’m not there/ just leave me be until the saviour comes/

Have you touched or seen a good boob today?


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