Drunk n Hot Girls

“We go through too much bullshit just to mess with these drunk and hot girls”. For those of you haven’t listened to Graduation, that is the hook to one of the tracks Kanye has done with Mos Def on that record, but this post is not about the song, this is about the real life drunk and hot girls that I have met. 

Episode 1: There was a time I was kicking it with my friends at 55’s, back when I was a serious delinquent not to be f***d with when it came to tossing back KC’s. I am giving storos when I spot this hot but really drunk girl over at the next table with her equally drunk and less hotter friends. I approach strike a conversation and its all good for about 20 minutes, she’s feeling me and I am feeling her. The girl then asked me for a cigarette, I gave it to her, she lit the cancer stick, inhaled a wee bit then proceeded to roll up her sleeves and started giving herself cigarette burns!

I was like bitch wtf? She keeps doing this and that is when I notice the other burns on the opposite arm. I figure she’s really hot I can stay with her psycho azz…….Until she called me Father! I mean daddy I can handle, pappy ok but father, hell to the no! 

Episode 2: I go out with my boy L, we were kind of on the prowl keeping an eye out for fine young things. We get to the parking lot at Mobil in Parki before the ban on hanging out there and I spot these fine tenderoniz in a black subaru, they looked pretty wasted but we figured the easier for L and I to get with them. We approach with the swagger of a ball player who was just No.1 draft pick, they play around for a while but eventually invite to sit with them in the moti. L is known as L because of his love for the Lah aka Weed, so he pulls out a joint. We roll the windows up and proceed to toking. That’s when one of the shorties after the blunt was done, she looks around all spacey like and out of nowhere starts bawling her eyes out! I mean this girl was weeping like a mathe who just lost a toi. It took an hour for us to calm her down or the weed to check out of her system. Either way L and I bailed and hit a cheap bar to wind the night down. 

Episode 3: This was the wildest. I check into Rezorus on a loose Wednesday. On the table I am facing is this kind of hot girl, can’t be sure coz of the beer googles but I make a move. I’m talking to this girl but she is slurring so hard most I can make out is rarararara just like Ye says. Anyway she gets up to dance to that banjuka joint and as you know she is performing the drunk girl dance, hands in the air and screaming. All of a sudden she tells me that she will take her top off for me. Bear in mind she is the only one on the floor. I tell her go ahead. The crazy girl takes the top off and proceeds to dance topless. At first I’m all good till I see kedo a million flashes of guys snapping photos. I try to get her to stop but nothing so her pals try and  she still refused. The bouncer is alerted and tosses her azz out. She continues to dance on top of a cab, still topless then on the street and she moons dudes. This chick showed me the real definition of showing your azz. After 6 minutes that looked like half an hour the pal managed to bring the car around and the bouncer tossed her in. Damn….I didn’t even get the digits! 

Tell me a drunk and hot girl story today. 



One Response to “Drunk n Hot Girls”

  1. Late reply but I think I know his chic…wawawawa seen the vids 😉

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