Drunk Diallin’

Man oh man, credit is the enemy of a drunk dude. I mean they should put a disclaimer on the back of those scratchcards that warns against the use when one is under the influence. I am constantly regretting some drunken text or call that I made after imbibing quite a few drinks.

Check it, I am catching pints with 2 lovely friends of the female persuasion, Ay and Ti. Now both of these ladies are drop dead gorgeous by any dudes standards and I am but a man. Things were gravy and Ay knows I have a thing for Ti, You would figure I would do all in my power to get with Ti and make sure that Ay is cool with me but noooooooooo…..

I figure in my inebriated mind that Ay is hot and coz I have her digits, the drunkdialler takes over and in a minute I am busy sending barely coherent texts from across the table to Ay. Now I know it’s lame but in my state of mind I was on top of my game. Needless to say I didn’t get with anyone but my hand.

Another time I sip with my alkaholik family and head off home at about 2300h. I get home put on some Talib Kweli and suddenly remember that I’ve got enough credit on my phone to call Djibouti, so do I thank God that I am blessed and go to sleep? Noooooooo……The drunk dialler in me calls up a girl who is saved in my phone as only one (this is coz I met her at a party and she wouldn’t give me her name coz she said that I should remember it due to the fact we went to school together….I know, these girls today…eish). Anyway, I call her up and set up a date for Friday knowing damn well I am too broke to do anything descent with her other than buy 2 bottles of Naps 1/4 and retire to my crappy digz. I mean WTF!

I have once drunk dialled an ex who called me pathetic, I drunk dialled another one at 6am to apologize for being a ho…only one problem, the apology was 6 years late. I drunk dialled my shortie once thinking she was the clande, needless to say that relationship eneded disastrously.

Please for those that know me please make sure that I have exhausted my credit next time we plan to or unintentionally get toasted.

It just crossed my mind that I probably will get wet tonight if things go well, I might be lit like a christmas tree by 2300h tonight, though I am pretty tired from last night getting home at 5 and having to go to work at 6. Ah well, it’s just another day.

Ladies and germs of cyberworld get out there, you’ve got a life, LIVE IT!

Drunk dial someone you loath today…..PAMOJA!!!


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