“This is the story of a champion/ runners on they mark as they pop the gun/ stand up stand up here he comes/ tell me what it takes to be number one/” – Tony “Penafire” Williams on Kanye’s ‘Champion’.   

I have woken up feeling great today, I don’t know why, I think it’s the naps I drank jana. I had babikad for a day coz of my girl R.O.S. and was on Smirnoff on Monday. Let me let yall know that when you are used to cheap liquor for a minute then the expensive shit knocks you out! I drank like approximately 600ml of the ish and passed out, WTF?

This post will have many random thoughts so bear with me, I am having a busy week trying to make up for last month’s disappointing sales so my mind is all over the place. I want to dedicate this blog to my brother, The N, who yesterday got chosen as one of the new Homeboyz Radio presenters.

My brah is truly a champion in his own right. The brother is a talented actor with the phoenix players, that is his forte. He’s a pimp just like the rest of the fam, and now even before he clears campo he’s gotten a gig that is definitely going to be an adventure.

I told him I hope he bought a catcher’s mitt to catch all the pussy that’s about to be pitched in his direction. Man, I feel fresh to death, though my shirt is kind of wack, I just got my trousers out of the cleaners and they pulled a full cord press on this shit coz I got creases that I haven’t seen in months. See, when I was broke I handwashed the ish then tried to make the creases using my steam iron!

I feel so good right now I wish a nigga would ask me to battle, I am sure I would kill him with just 4 bars! I hope that I stay feeling this way coz I have been prone to bouts of depression that make me want to kill myself but the thought of my moms in mourning stops me. Speaking of suicide I noticed that I get so high at times and I use items in my crib that can kill me, what if one day I kill myself by mistake…….interesting.

Bullshiznit! My ex girlfriend Kui told me that God looks after kids and drunks and I have proof. The day she told me that was before vals, me and the crew were drinking at 55’s so hard we forgot to take our girls out the next day (Vals) and decided to get smoked out on reefer and drink KC’s the whole day. Come 1900h I decide to go to K.U. to get my stuff and so I hop a mat, but fall asleep. I am dropped in Thika, where I have never been to before.

I think, in my high state, that I am in L.A. so I start to stagger toward what I think is digz. I can’t reach it so I stop by the petrol station to rest. A moti comes by and they offer me a ride when I tell them I need to get to L.A. We drive and get to a police station. Turns out these guys are cops! I am asked where I am and I tell them with great confidence, Langata Police Station, where I got my abstract the week before. One cop tells me to go out and show him the office for abstracts and there is bila!

They tell me that I am so drunk they can’t put me in a cell so I am forced to stay awake in the O.C.S.’ office till cocks. He came at about 0700h and dismissed me. There I am in Thika with no money and I don’t know which way is to town. I then remember Kui’s statement and walk around looking for a church. I eventually find one, enter then sit at the back.

They pray then the pastor asks me to come forth. He asks me what I need and I tell him a 50 to get to K.U. The dude tells me that’s not what brought me there, God had called me. He laid hands on me and prayed. After, he gave me a hundred and told me to go preach the gospel in K.U. God is a champion. 

I took the dough and went got a mathree that took me to tao then digz, I needed to re-evaluate my life. Enough randomness, when I have an actual topic to write about I will be back!

Listen to Homeboyz Radio aka HBR, 91.5 FM!



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