11 Bars To Go To Before You Die

Whoa! Screw work! After I posted that piece of crap in the name of a blog about writer’s block I went to the home page and got a brilliant idea from gogetter’s most read post. Thanks girl. I want you to know the bars in Nairobi, I think that you have to go to before the grim reaper checks you off his list. 

1. Al’s Pub: Picture this, you are kidogo low on chumz and you need a drink, you want to be in a safe area but not spend too much. You may even contemplate sipping some cheap liquor but at a nice place not in the mabatis, the answer is simple, Al’s Pub. Advice in case you are the kind that likes girls around when drinking, carry your own coz at Al’s its a definite swordfight! Talk about sausagefest!

2. Mwenda’s: This is for the drinker that likes to get adventurous with his alkahol. There is a sick bartender there that will mix you cocktails that will have you drinking yourself under the table, literally. I once crashed on the floor at Mwenda’s so believe what I speak is the truth. The crowd is also great at Mwenda’s, it’s the kind of crowd that would not be shocked your sudden urge to toss your dick on the table. 

3. Sierra aka Ozbecco: This is the bar for the sophisticated drinker. The drinker that I call Jean Luc Picard, going where no man has been before. I hope I got that right, haven’t watched Star Trek in years. At Sierra they make their own beer and you can see right through to the brewery. The food is great and so is the ambience, it’s a chill out spot not meant for those that want to get rowdy rowdy. Also for those with a little bank in the wallet, which is why I haven’t been there in a while. 

4. Salongo: You want to hide out with a clande and impress her at the same time, this is the joint for you. I am telling you that you can hide out there and enjoy, nearly none of my dudes would suspect that I am hiding out here with an old mama.

5. Mid Town: Just as the name suggests hii bar iko katikati ya tao. It is not downtown but neither is it uptown. There is only one reason to go to this bar, 45 bob for a bottle of Citizen. This beer is so sweet, that the dehydration you suffer is twice as much as for other beers. The raos are so cheap at Mid Town you have to order two each time to feel that you spent dough.  

6. 55’s: I don’t know whether this bar is still open. This bar had the coldest beer I have ever seen. The pint would be so cold that it had icicles in it! It was a great alternative to Fifi’s when I was in Campo. Cold beers and KC galore.

7. Radlees: This was one of my favorite hangouts when I had money but it’s a pity that I have since been declared poor and I haven’t visited it in a minute. You can relax either outside or inner and if you chota someone then they have rooms. This joint is so cool it was where Styles used to host his infamous “Party for no reason” bashes. Apart from that the lady that owns the place is a darling teacher understands young dudes real well.

8.Applebees: Man, do I need to tell any one about Applebees. The strippers are too fine man. The combo of naked women & alcohol can never fail. Go there on a loose Tuesday and it’s like having your stag party over and over. You definitely have to go there.

9. Zebra: Live music and alcohol, yet another combo that works well. Plus it’s a pretty lounge for those that are into aesthetics. This is also a really nice spot to meet women.

10. Dass: This place used to be a quaint ethiopian restaurant back in the days of Jay Kays. Turn the clock mad years and I recently went there and found a very soulful crowd, they were playing Neo Soul and the focus is more on it being a bar than a restaurant. The management is very selective about who they let in, westie being westie, so the mood inside is too deadly. Then they have Manaseh and his crew Calabash doing their thing their once a week. Definitely a must go to.

11. Mercury Lounge: This modafoka makes you feel like you are in a different country due to the decor and ish. The only problem is that you spend mad loot. Still got to got there at least once.


What bar do you feel I have left out and need to peep before I die?



2 Responses to “11 Bars To Go To Before You Die”

  1. Hidden Agenda @ Sarit-great company,good music on Fri and Sato plus the food is worth every shilling.

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