New year, new me!

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samir dave

A little while back, I found myself asking some existential questions that provoked self-thought, something I had forgotten about. The judgemental prick that I am was left in a slight panic trying to answer whether I will always be what I have been, or have I changed with time? Which begged more questions, like, if change is the only constant in life, by changing myself am I only just keeping up with life?

In January 2016, when my father was diagnosed with cancer, I found myself lost. Not an easy thing for me to accept as I have always seen myself as in control and focussed. His lengthy hospital stays and extended rest periods meant his (very hands on catering) business was left without anyone at the helm. At the same time, the company I was working with was at a critical market penetration stage, requiring a lot of my…

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Jeremy’s Julz

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AlkaholiK KronikleZ

You make me feel like a little girl, what do you do to me – Erykah Badu


I love the way when I told you you’re beautiful you would deny it yet smile so hard you would cover your face.

I love the way we would always get kicked out of Mwenda’s on Monday nights but we always found another spot.

I love the way when the dark days came we helped each other reach out to the light.

I love the way you left me voice notes on the WhatsApp. You’re the only one who ever did.

I love the way we jumped over puddles & sipped gin in the ATM booth the last time we hang out.

I’ll miss all that.

This will sound selfish Julz but who am I gonna go to Mwenda’s with? Who am I supposed to turn to now when it gets dark? But…

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Oh God why am I here – Alessia Cara


Escaping isn’t The escape ✨

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Logophile ♡

The alcohol came in fast. The cigarettes faster. I was all about the drugs. The high it all brought me that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Well, he brought some serenity to my world of high and unsober, but because I’d been training myself to keep off unnecessary attachments, the drugs would be my only solace.

Clubs. Parties. Random mini-vacations. That was my current life. This city to this other. I couldn’t stay put. I just couldn’t call anywhere home no more. I had a couple of apartments all over, a couple of penthouses in pretty places. But that was it. I slept where the high got the better of me.

Now, this life can be really amazing. The thrill can be really nice. But beyond that? You’re escaping reality. No sense of purpose. Nothing. You are just mixed up in the maze of ‘too much’. And once you find…

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Mind Conversations

When I was growing up I knew I was going to be successful. I loved school and my grades were in line with my dreams.I imagined having a family, a beautiful house, a nice car, gorgeous kids and taking family vacations, everything looked so real.I just couldn’t wait to grow up.

Last year, as the year was coming to an end, I almost lost my job and things didn’t get better after that, so I decided to quit my job and figure my life out. Everything wasn’t going according to plan. I finished school, got good grades in campus, got a job then another then another and now I was tired of looking. So I decided to start my business. It seemed like a great idea. Now all my childhood fantasies were on the way to becoming a reality. I had a few friends to back me up on the…

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Untitled V

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It’s not always wine and roses.
It’s blindfolds and handcuffs.
I am drawn to everything wild
And beautiful
And strange
That struggles to bloom
In dark desolate places.
I crave deep intimacy
And i do not mean physically. 
Wrap your dark around me
And pour your soul
Into my mouth,
I want to get drunk on you tonight.
I’m trying to learn
To come up for air
Every so often
Careful not to drown myself
In someone else
But I don’t pick my poison,
My poison picks me.
When I met you
I was afraid to like you.
I liked you
And I was afraid to love you.
I loved you
And now I’m afraid to lose you.
I’m afraid
That I’m just another girl
And this is just another story.
I’m not afraid to love,
I’m afraid of not being loved back.
I feel myself falling

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I got you

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It is those that have been lost
In the darkest of the dark
That seem to always
Be able to find the sun.
Some hide behind smiles
While sadness resides
In their eyes
Don’t be fooled
The saddest people
Leave the least of clues.
I can not save you
Or fix you
I just want to soothe your soul
And love you
On the dark side of the moon
When your heart
Screams in silent anguish
And if you find a safe haven
In the darkest tranquillity
Of my fragile soul-
As long as you stay true
I will never betray you.

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